Week Thirty


How far we’ve come!

And I don’t just mean this year.

In a few weeks time, we’ll be moving out of this little flat and moving into a new home. This little place we’ve called home for two and a half years, will soon be someone else’s home and we’ll be settling ourselves into a new one. I’m a little emotional about it already, can you tell?

That said, when I remember just how hard the move to this little flat really was for me, I feel as though I’ve come a long way. Chapter Three was one of the most open and honest chapters I ever wrote and it was written at a time when this place felt too new and strange and unfamiliar to be called home. Now, I’m as emotional as I am because this place really is ours.

This makes me feel all kinds of soppy and gives me hope that this time, this move, I might just be okay.

Today I’ve another jam session with the band! The novelty is never going to wear off… I am never going to be able to say that without ruining all of the coolness by squealing! I’ve got a horrid cold, so who knows how I’m going to sound, but I’m still rocking up. I feel like, worst case scenario, I can sit in the corner and munch while the rest of the guys write and play. I’ll just watch in awe and contribute when I can.

This week will be my first full week back at work after my holiday and I’m actually quite looking forward to it. As per, I’m really excited about the return to routine and all things normal.

The holiday was FANTASTIC though. I cannot recommend Kefalonia enough. The people are lovely. The food is AMAZINGGGG. The itself island is so beautiful: The towns of Fiscardo and Assos which weren’t touched by the 1953 earthquake and the cities of Sami and Argostoli which had to be rebuilt. The coast is stunning and the sea is stunning. So much so that I went for a swim! Yes, the Bronwen who is terrified of the sea and anything to do with it, wondered off the beach and right into it like it was as easy as pie! The sea looked like a swimming pool it was so clear! Who could be afraid of that!? Once was enough though, second time around my mind wandered too often to whose habitat I was in and whether I was welcome…

We stayed in Skala and I’d definitely recommend Skala too. It’s small enough that you get your bearings fast, but there are plenty of restaurants and bars and shops to grab your souvenirs in. It feels very safe and super chilled, but lively in the evenings. It’s basically the best of all worlds. We loved it.

A step towards London, a step in the right direction

My Auntie celebrated her birthday in style this weekend. She stayed at a Hilton hotel near Tower Bridge. She spent three days and two nights drinking, eating, seeing family and sightseeing (stopping in her tracks to take photos as only a true tourist does) and ended it all laughing hysterically at the comedians performing in The Comedy Store.

I jumped on the train to join her yesterday. I’d never stayed in a London hotel or been to a comedy store so I was a little excited. However, I was also feeling nervous about leaving home and going to University and if I’m honest, all I really wanted to do was start getting organised then curl up in pyjamas and watch a feel good movie.

I’m glad I got on that train though. I’ve come back from London feeling like I could conquer the world if I wanted to. Some people would say that when you’re among the commuters of the rush hour the atmosphere in London is hostile and unkind, but when ever I’ve been to London I’ve found that to be a part of the hustle and bustle of such an incredible city is exhilarating.

The hotel was incredible. The sky lounge sold expensive drinks, but had the most amazing view, a view that was even more amazing at night. The comedians we saw at The Comedy Store were, as my ticket told me they would be, ‘The Best in Stand-Up’. Okay, perhaps not… I mean, I am not saying that they were better than Michael McIntyre, who in my opinion is the most hilarious man on Earth, but they were very almost as good as him. They may not be famous just yet, but it wouldn’t surprise me if some time soon they appeared on my television screen.

We woke up for breakfast today and I helped myself to a bowl of fruit, granola and yoghurt as well as serving up a proper full English. It all just looked so good! We walked across the Tower Bridge walk way this morning and then headed to a pub for drinks before heading home.

Not only has this weekend left me feeling like I could go back to University today (if it weren’t for the four hour journey and the ridiculous amount of packing still to be done), but while standing on Tower Bridge looking out on the river I couldn’t help imagining myself at music college there in two or three years time.

For now at least, I’m heading in the right direction: I’m feeling positive and loving my mum for having just made an amazing roast dinner. Here’s hoping my Auntie enjoyed her weekend as much as I did.