For the love of film music

Generally, once you've reached adulthood you think you've worked out what makes you happy. You get to a point when you think you have it all figured out. Marley and Me makes me sad - Being by the sea makes me happy Burnt food makes me sad - Tea makes me happy Grey skies make... Continue Reading →

Brighton, England

I spent last weekend in Brighton with four girl friends, celebrating my friend's birthday and I fell in love with the place and while I was telling a friend this over lunch today, it occurred me I should blog about it; tell the world what a great place it is! I arrived in Brighton tired,... Continue Reading →

10 interview tips

I'm no expert, but I spent a lot of time surfing the internet in search of interview help before I went along to my first one yesterday. I was a nervous wreck of course and it would have really helped to have some comforting advice all in one place. Some of these things I found... Continue Reading →

Fried Egg in a Bacon Sandwich

In 2010 I was just finding my feet. I'd turned 16 but I was a little behind really. I was still very shy and I was scared of absolutely everything. Everything except singing, which I actually did more then, than I do now. Of course, I had no idea that my fear of life would... Continue Reading →

‘Would I lie to you?’

True or False?... I've got a broken toe on my right foot. A horse trod on it. I was once given a tip when working in a cafe because the man said I brightened up his day by singing while I cleared the tables. I won the Lotto jackpot on the 4th May 2009, but... Continue Reading →

10 reasons to read more

One - Reading is for everyone. Okay, so you read one book by Dan Brown and you can't handle the suspense, or decipher the intellectual gobbeldy-goop. I'd disagree with you when you said you didn't enjoy it, but I wouldn't judge you for it. Maybe you'll say that means reading isn't for you. Except there... Continue Reading →

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