For the love of film music

Generally, once you’ve reached adulthood you think you’ve worked out what makes you happy. You get to a point when you think you have it all figured out.

Marley and Me makes me sad – Being by the sea makes me happy

Burnt food makes me sad – Tea makes me happy

Grey skies make me sad – Singing makes me happy

Etc Etc.

However, the most wonderful moments in life are the moments when you find joy in something you have never before found joy in. Suddenly, your horizons are expanded again and there’s a whole new world of happiness out there. When you’re little, you’re constantly discovering new things and finding new ways to enjoy life. When you’re all grown up… Not so much.

I have heaps of friends who love a good film soundtrack. I know that lots of uni students listened to film music whilst working. Dave, being the film fanatic he is, loves a good movie soundtrack playlist.

I myself never really gave it a go. I love a good film. I love music. I have always appreciated the absolute genius of movie music, but I never really considered actually listening to it in my spare time.

My phone died in the car on the way back from Swansea with one of my bestest friends on Sunday and she connected hers up to the sound system. She suggested we put the La La Land soundtrack on and seeing as I ADORE the film, I didn’t object.

It made me so happy! It’s a whole new world. I haven’t stopped listening to film music since. Life is better with film music in it. Working is easier. Chilling out is easier. It’s a revelation and I cannot recommend it enough. Go on, give it a go. You know you want to. Instrumental or sing-a-long, whatever takes your fancy.

This year’s been full of new adventures already and there’ll be a blog post coming soon all about it. Discovering film music was the perfect reminder of how valuable it is to experience new things. If I wasn’t already, I am now firmly resolved to keep living in pursuit of new things. New foods, new music, new films, new places… Here I come.

If the world was my oyster, that oyster just got a whole lot bigger.

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