The aftermath

Easter weekend’s been and gone and when I wasn’t jumping for joy, or crying happy tears, because of the job offer I was busy having a great time.

Friday was a lazy hazy day. Dave and I ordered takeaway, watched films, I read, he played games. It was wonderful.

Saturday morning I met two great friends I haven’t seen in too long in London for brunch. It wasn’t as posh as it sounds though. Sorry to ruin the magic but we ordered greasy fried breakfast in Wetherspoons at a train station, caught up, people watched and ended the morning at the Krispy Kreme donut stand. I don’t like Krispy Kremes so I got a hot chocolate. It was a perfect morning.

Dave came to join me in London for the afternoon and we wondered around being toursists until the wind and the cold drained us of all our energy. At that point we refuelled on snacks, got the train back to Watford, ate at Wagamammas and then came home to collapse. We are both now big fans of Japanese food.

Dave and I went over to my grandparents on Sunday, where we had a beautiful lunch and a lovely day.

Monday was a house sorting, cleaning up, doing laundry kind of day and I must say we aced it. By the end of the morning the place was spic and span. Good job too, because my parents popped by with my brother in the afternoon.

Now we’ve bags of chocolate to make our way through. I’ve got just a couple of weeks to make the most of my freedom. (Because now I know I have a job on the horizon, it feels like freedom as opposed to just unemployment.) I’m happy and excited and optimistic and I feel young and world is my oyster-y at the same time as grown up and mature and adult-y. I’m all kinds of happy and glad to be so.

I’d be lying if I said the butterflies were gone all together. Now that everything’s so right, I’m terrified it’s all going to go wrong. I know how it feels to be really happy and I never want to have to be anything less again. If anything though I feel more determined than ever as a result. I’m about to take this world by storm. Watch this space.

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