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10 things you ought to know if you don’t already

One – Bread is bad for ducks. You should feed them sweetcorn instead.

Two – Hugs release hormones that make you happy. It has been been scientifically proven that 8 hugs a day will make you the happiest human you can be. 

Three – Everyone gets tummy rolls when they sit down no matter how slim they are. 

Four – Drink coffee in moderation. The food standards agency’s advised daily limit is 400mg of caffeine which is roughly 4 cups or 2 mugs of coffee a day. 

Five – When driving on a British motorway you should always move left unless you are overtaking. 

Six – Never make assumptions. 

Seven – Big Issue vendors are admirable people who turn their lives around by selling a magazine that lots of people love the read. Buying one gives the vendor the hand up they need, it’s not a hand out and you should buy one whenever you can. 

Eight – It takes more muscles to frown, than it does to smile. 

Nine – ‘Ask yourself if you are happy and you will cease to be so’. Don’t think too much. Your mind is more powerful than you know.

Ten – Change is inevitable and nobody likes change, no matter what they try to tell you. 

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