‘Would I lie to you?’

True or False?…

I’ve got a broken toe on my right foot. A horse trod on it.

I was once given a tip when working in a cafe because the man said I brightened up his day by singing while I cleared the tables.

I won the Lotto jackpot on the 4th May 2009, but pledged not to touch the money until I’m 30.

I was supposed to have a brace fitted when I was a teenager but before the ortho-dentist could even begin the procedure, I ran out of the room crying and refused to go back.

I failed my cycling proficiency test in primary school.

I can ride a motor-cycle.

I’m naturally blonde.

I’m 1/4 Bangladeshi.

I dropped a phone down the toilet once and it survived. Then I put it in the washing machine and it broke.

My favourite film is a martial arts film, set in China, entirely in Mandarin. It’s action packed but it also tells a tragic love story.

I’ve watched the Lion King 52 times, I counted.

I slept in a bunk bed until I was 19.

I can’t listen to music in earphones unless the L and R are the right way around.

I have a spoon collection containing literally hundreds of souvenir spoons and I used to polish them on a regular basis.

My feet are size 2 and a half.

A teacher told me I couldn’t sing a note in tune when I was eight and I’m thankful because she inspired me to learn.

I can’t laugh without crying.

I’ve got a small tattoo of Minnie Mouse on my lower back.

I’d rather drink red wine than white and rather drink whiskey than gin.

I have never had my ears pierced.

I’m not Welsh.

My happiest memory is of an evening I spent in one of my best friends’ back garden, sat with her, her family and one other friend, wrapped up in borrowed cardigans and scarves, chatting and laughing by the light of the glow sticks we were holding.


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