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Pay It Forward, Mimi Leder (2001)

ImageAll I would have to tell you is whether the tears I am currently crying, having just finished watching ‘Pay It Forward’, are tears of joy or of sadness and immediately I would have ruined the film for you.

My incredible Religious Education teacher introduced my class to this film in year eleven. In the last few years I’ve told anyone who asks that the film is a must-see and yet I haven’t sat down and watched it again properly myself. Now, having just been reminded of how brilliant the film really is I can’t believe I haven’t told everyone or anyone I possibly could about its existence.

I can’t claim to know much about filming techniques, camera angles or even script writing: All I know is that the film completely overwhelms me. Kevin Spacey takes on the role of an amazing social studies teacher with a tragic past and his performance is incredible. The role of the inspirational ‘kid whose aim it is to change the world’ goes to the very talented Haley Joel Osment. Helen Hunt’s performance cannot be overlooked either: She plays a struggling single mum with a horror of an ex and a serious alcohol problem, but incredible amounts of strength and a huge heart.

Some reviews agree that it is an incredible film, with an incredible cast and an incredible story that revolves around an incredible concept. Others say the exact opposite; I found one reviewer who’d given it 4/10 stars.

Five stars out of five are what it gets from me. It makes me smile, laugh and cry. In fact its only fault is that it leaves my eyes blurry and my tissue box empty.

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